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Bodrum (from Petronium; once Halicarnassus (Turkish: Halikarnas) could be a Turkish port city in Mugla Province, within the southwestern Aegean Region of the country. it's placed on the southern coast of Bodrum peninsula, at some extent that checks the entry into the Gokova Gulf and it faces to the Greek island of Kos. Today, it's a global center of tourism and boating. town was known as Halicarnassus of Caria in past. The sepulcher of Mausolus, one in all the Seven Wonders of the traditional World, was here.

Bodrum Castle, designed by the Crusaders within the fifteenth century, overlooks the harbor and therefore the International dock. The castle grounds includes a museum of marine archeology and hosts many cultural festivals throughout the year.


Bodrum encompasses a Mediterranean climate. A winter average of +19°C and within the summer +40°C, with terribly sunny spells. Summers ar hot and wet and winters ar delicate and principally sunny.


The region includes the municipalities of Bodrum, Türkbükü, Ortakent, Turgutreis, Yalıkavak and Gümüşlük, and up to date tourist-oriented developments were designed or ar being designed across the district space. The earth extends across associate exceptionally dry belt even compared with its immediate neighbors. Low downfall leads to a continuing shortage of potable water, a problem that became additional vital recently, with associate increasing population and additional tourists.


The first recorded settlers in Bodrum area were the Carians and therefore the harbor space was settled by Dorian Greeks as of the seventh century BC and therefore the town later fell underneath Persian rule. it absolutely was the nominal capital town of the satrapy of Caria. Its location ensured town enjoyed goodish autonomy.

Herodotus, who is the Greek historiographer, (484-420 BC) was born in here.

Mausolus dominated Caria from here on behalf of the Persians, from 377 to 353 BC. once he died in 353 BC, shrub II of Caria, he was all his sister and his widow, used the traditional Greek architects Pythis and Satyros and therefore the four sculptors Bryaxis, Scopas, Leochares and Timotheus for to create a monument, additionally as a place, for him. The word “mausoleum” derives from the structure of this place. it absolutely was a temple-like structure embellished with reliefs and statuary on a vast base. It stood for 1700 years and was finally destroyed by earthquakes.[citation needed] nowadays solely the foundations and many items of sculpture stay.

Alexander the nice ordered besieging on town when his arrival in Carian lands and its capture was, all told chance, completed by his ally, queen island of the Caria.

The Knights Hospitaller of Rhodes got the permission to create it by the Ottoman ruler Mehmed I, when Tamburlaine had destroyed their previous fort placed in Izmir’s inner bay. The castle and its city became called Petronium, wherefrom the trendy name Bodrum derives. handily, the word “Bodrum” suggests that basement in Turkish, and a standard pun in relevance the town’s liberal morals decline its name as “Bedroom”.

In 1522, Suleyman the glorious conquered the bottom of the Crusader knights on the island of Rhodes, UN agency then withdrew to Malta, feat The Castle of Saint Peter and Bodrum to the empire.


A quiet city of fishermen and sponge diverse till the mid-20th century, Bodrum was popularised among Turkey’s educated categories by a gaggle of intellectuals targeted round the author Cevat Şakir Kabaağaçlı, UN agency himself had initial come back here in exile. Since then, Bodrum perpetually endeavored to draw in individuals with creative backgrounds, encouraging them to decide on the region as a location for his or her secondary residences and plenty of of the these individuals bit by bit became regulars UN agency would keep throughout the year. Bodrum currently hosts several poets, singers, artists, additionally as commercially-minded investors and package tourists. variations between the sensitivities of the primary teams of residents, adamant in defensive Bodrum’s heritage and soul, with the interests of the latters is associate continually at hand issue and one that surfaces oftentimes. as an example, a gaggle of trees cut down in Bodrum for any reason is incredibly possible to create native and even national news in Turkey.

The Bodrum region has attracted goodish foreign and domestic investment in land, specifically in second homes for patrons from across Turkey additionally as from Western Europe.

The current permanent population for the city of Bodrum was recorded as thirty two,227 in 2000 census though it's actually abundant higher actually, and reaches many times that figure in summer.

The protected anchorage contains yachts and locally-built gulets utilized by seafaring tourists.


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