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+1 615-877-4846 is partly an online catalog and partly a service brokerage website. If you think about it this is really the only description of this website that would make any sense. On the one hand, we feature dozens upon dozens of different yacht models.

Don't get the wrong impression. Don't for a second believe that this means that we only have a handful or several dozen yachts for rent available at any one time. Don't let the small number of yacht profiles fool you. We actually have a huge number of yachts available.

Be that as it may, we are also a service site. In fact, a lot of people consider us the Airbnb or Uber of the yachting world. We don't really quite know whether we should be alarmed or be flattered by such a description.

Regardless, we are in the business of pairing up individuals all over the world looking for a once-in-a-lifetime yachting experience with yacht owners who are looking to turn their maritime assets into a steady source of passive income. So far, we are very happy to report that we have been able to arrange several deals. As you can well imagine, this really is all about getting to a win-win situation.

If you are an owner of a yacht that you're not really using and that you're paying a tremendous amount of marina storage and maintenance fees for, you need to get a hold of us. You really do because we can turn that liability or that asset that you think is a liability into a moneymaking machine.

On the other hand, if you are looking to celebrate any kind of occasion in the open seas, get a hold of us. There are so many companies out there looking to charter trips for you and otherwise take you for a ride. Make no mistake a lot of these companies are making a tremendous amount of money for you and giving you very little value.

Wouldn't you rather have maximum freedom? Wouldn't you rather have a maximum amount of options available to you? Well, that's exactly the kind of situation you will find yourself in if you rent directly from the owner courtesy of CV Yachting.

Regardless of the kind of arrangement you're looking for, regardless of how long you plan to be out in the open sea and regardless of where you plan to explore and navigate, we have your back covered. We’ve ensured a tremendous amount of amazing maritime experiences and we are sure we will be able to do the same with you.

Will all that said, please understand that there are certain links on this website that may no longer be up to date. Websites change for a variety of reasons. For some reason or other, people forget register their domain names. For some reason or other, people forget to update their website.

If for whatever reason you come across a problematical link or certain parts of the website do not operate as well as they should, do let us know. Speak up. Please understand the old saying that the squeaky wheel gets the grease is absolutely true. If you don't speak up, we wouldn't know if there's a problem. While we do have a dedicated staff that goes through this website like a fine-toothed comb, there are only so many labor hours they can put in to this website.